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International Rude Boyz – Paragone [1993]

Rufige Kru – Manslaughter (Part One – Runners Edge) [1993]

B.L.I.M. – Headspace [1996]

Tango – Fever [1996] (making heavy use of the Reese Bass sound)

Ed Rush & Nico – Technology [1997]

E-Z Rollers – Synesthesia [1997]

Dom & Roland – Mechanics [1997]

Photek – Axiom [1997]

Psion – Tyrant [1997]

Ryme Tyme – Control [1998]

Trace & Nico – Replicant [1999]

DJ Red ‎– Near Earth [2001]

Accidental Heroes – Forgotten Worlds [2002]

Fracture + Neptune – Continuities [2005]

Calyx (ft. Ill.Skillz) – Thru Your Eyes [2005]

Jeff Mills – Deckard [2005] (and the rest of the EP)

Masheen – Essence of Life [2006]

Dom & Roland – Deckers Theme [2008]

Dom & Roland – Through the Looking Glass [2008]

Fracture and Neptune – Reality Hoax [2009]

Original Sin – Solar [2009]

Fanu – Something A Little More Radical [2010]

Image © IWDRM, via Tumblr.

And Finally…

I’ve published this today as it turns out to be Roy Batty’s inception date (unless I’ve been duped by a hilarious internet hoax). This really is one of the most fantastic sci-fi films of a generation, both sonically and in terms of its writing (shame Ridley Scott largely went on to do a load of nonsense afterwards).

Rumours confirmation of a sequel or reboot makes me shudder a little with fear and excitement at the same time (though mostly fear). Here’s to hoping they don’t do a Terminator with the franchise, or indeed let it become a franchise full stop.

Lastly a huge thanks to film buffs Mike Hall and Daryl Bär (both of Hot Donkey) for their help with some of the fact checking about the production and release of Blade Runner, and as ever a massive two thumbs up to Tim Cant for his Rain Man-like knowledge of DnB samples and letting me screen grab his Sylenth.

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