Love Theme

Perhaps a polarizing palette of sounds to modern ears, a reverb soaked Grover Washington Jr.-styled alto sax, chorused fretless bass and a Yamaha CP-80. All the components of a Kenny G ballad, but strangely these ingredients amount to something greater than the sum of their parts:

The chord progression is quite simple. In the key of Db (marginally easier than scoring C#) we have a repetition of the IV and iii chords for the first eight bars. There’s then a fairly long-winded turn around moving from ii, III7, vi, viº, bVII, V7, I. Below is the string-like pad:


If you’re unfamiliar with chord naming conventions, have a look at this.

We can infer that the chord in bar 12 is a Bbº because of what the bass is doing; similarly with the final chord, the Rhodes plays a low Db:


One More Kiss, Dear

A pastiche of 40s Parisian jazz number with vocals courtesy of Don Percival and lyrics by Peter Skellern. I could only find one example of this being sampled, Powerman 5000’s Watch the Sky for Me from 1999:

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