Memories of Green

Some lovely ‘primary school piano’ (as I call it), as in a poorly-tuned upright or honky-tonk piano that I personally love the sound of. Sound Magic’s Piano One handles this quite nicely (and it’s free!):

I’m not going to pretend that I’ve transcribed this piece or publish large swathes of the sheet music here without copyright. So if you’re interested in playing this I urge you to purchase the sheet music. Only a few examples of this being sampled from Theo Parrish and someone called Graphwize:

Theo Parrish – Solitary Flight [2002]

Graphwize – Real Live [2015]

Image © IWDRM, via Tumblr.

Tales of the Future

More of the soundtrack’s Middle-Eastern themes here, with pedal and quarter tone laden pseudo-Arabic lyricsVarious sources attribute the vocals to the late Demis Roussos, which is entirely plausible, however his vocals have been processed with some rudimentary pitch shifting to make them sound female-like:


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