Extralife is back again with another mesmerising DIY video, this time on how to etch designs into homemade guitar pedals – something close to my heart.

Anyone who knows me or has read this blog knows I am a guitar pedal addict and it’s fair to say that hoarding these cheap metal rectangular prisms during the latter parts of my teens was 100% my gateway into the much wider music technology world.

I wish I was a bit more savy with home electronics and a neater solderer as I’d be all over DIY projects, making guitar pedals into eurorack, cleaning up old mixers and of course making clones of famous gear, but alas I’m just not about that life.

However I do have some very interesting DIY projects on the horizon courtesy of some some talented folk which I will talk about on these pages at a later date. Anyway, enough of me chatting shite, here’s Extralife’s guide to etching aluminum guitar pedals:

Here’s the finished the result(s):

I would highly recommend subscribing to Extralife’s work, not only are his videos awesome but his music is damned good too! Until next time…

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