A one stop shop for all things music technology and music theory. The articles included here are written by myself and some other talented individuals.

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Ali Jamieson is a music and music technology teacher from London teaching at Garnish Music Production and privately. He started this site as a dumping ground for miscellaneous music theory and music technology articles that no one else would publish and it’s blossomed into something slightly less worse than that.

Matthew Cieplak (or San Francisco’s future funk artist Data/Debt, to those who know) is not only Mr. Max/MSP, Max4Live and resident code bod but also makes the site look pretty and stops it grinding to a halt. Best radio voice known to man.

Kieran Jones is the all-seeing-eye editor of the site and is responsible for making sure we’re not mixing our metaphors, mincing our malapropisms and that all the is are dotted and ts are crossed. In his spare time he’s an avid photographer and muso-noodler like the rest of us.