We’re very interested in publishing articles by other writers whether you are just starting out or a seasoned journalist.

The idea of the site is to publish music technology and music theory articles in a way that other sites don’t. We focus on covering topics with integrity and sufficient depth, not neatly packaging things into 2000 words.

How to Pitch

If you want to discuss publishing something just get in contact and let us know what you want to write about.

Topics we’re interested in are:

  • DAWs: We Love Ableton Live and Logic but are looking for writers who use Cubase, Pro Tools, Reaper, FL Studio and Reason too. example.
  • Max/MSP, Max4Live, Reaktor, OSC: Anything that doesn’t fit in the above that leans more towards the programming end of the spectrum. example.
  • Modular Synthesis, DIY, hardware: Who doesn’t have a mild fetish for these topics? example.
  • Music Theory: We’re interested in bringing a fresh approach to it without compromising content. example.
  • Case Studies: Want to deconstruct a song? We love these. example.
  • How To’s: There’s nothing like a thorough set of well written instructions. example.
  • Lists: Want to share your top 8 flangers for under £50? Would love to hear about them. example.
  • Anything else?: We’re pretty broad-minded, and so long as it’s fits somewhere on the site, we’ll find a place for it.

How to Advertise

If you are interested in advertising your business, proposing a partnership or pitching a new marketing opportunity then please contact us on

Comments, Corrections, DMCA and Miscellaneous

If you’re interested in either submitting an article or discussing anything — comments, corrections, criticisms, DMCA or anything of the sort — please get in contact.

For any teaching enquires, please read here.