I’ve neglected this page for a long time so I’ve thought it best to start populating it with some great resources and YouTube channels. Of course check mine out too.

Warning: this is a long list, so skip to music theory, modular or personal links.

Good Music Technology Resources:

Good Music Theory Resources:

  • Adam Neely: One of the best music eduction resources on YouTube. Part bass, part deep-theory.
  • Ethan Hein: Great music teacher and all-round good egg.
  • Toby Rush: Poster-sized “Music Theory for Musicians and Normal People”. Well put together.
  • William Hughes: A lot of Bill Evans transcriptions. Which is awesome.
  • jazz2511: One of the original and best YouTube jazz piano lesson channels.
  • 7notemode: Birds-eye-view jazz piano lessons.
  • 12tone: Incredibly well researched theory channel.
  • Lot2Learn: One of the better jazz piano resources, similar to 7notemode. Includes analysis.
  • Tom O’Grady: Sensational Rhodes player. Lots of Herbie Hancock transcriptions.
  • June Lee: Pianist who does some great transcriptions.
  • Barry Harris Videos: Never updated but a fantastic series of lessons on bebop piano.
  • Rick Beato: High level music theory by a well read guy.
  • David Bennett Thomas: Great transcriptions and analysis of classical and jazz music.
  • Ben Levin (aka Fake Dr. Levin): Fantastic music theory videos with focus on guitar and composition.
  • GospelMusicians: On the hard sell a bit but great site by fantastic musicians.
  • Real World Music Theory: As the name suggests, videos on music theory with a modern focus.
  • Berklee: You should heave heard of these guys. Music tech and composition, so I thought I’d add it here.
  • InMusicTheory: Good all-round music theory channel.
  • Peter Martin: More complex jazz concepts, phrasing, harmony etc.
  • The Jazz Piano Site: Scales, chords, voicings, progressions, all things jazz. Nicely presented.
  • Pretty Simple Music: Contemporary gospel, jazz, urban and RnB snippet lessons from a wider site.
  • Learn Jazz Standards: We should all know more standard, here’s a good place to start.
  • JAZZ ACADEMY: Jazz tutorials. High level of production.
  • Jacob Mann: The guy behind One Minute Jazz Lessons. Funny and weirdly informative.
  • Joel McCray: Piano channel with bits of jazz and gospel.
  • Early Music Sources: Studies in early music, duh.
  • Morten Faerestrand: Guitar with a focus on jazz.
  • etymophony: Slightly more hardcore classical videos.
  • Noah Kellman: Jazz piano tutorials.
  • Andrew Huang: Videos about songwriting and a little bit of production.
  • The Scrolling Bach Project: Name says it all.
  • Matkat Music: A lot of sax stuff but some good videos still.
  • creativeguitarstudio: Guitar-focused videos.
  • weeklypiano: More jazz piano learnings.
  • tjjaazzpiano: …and more.
  • Dave Frank: …and yet MORE jazz piano.
  • Sax Solos: Some jazz saxophone transcriptions.
  • The Musical Ear: I’ve not checked this guy’s site but YouTube channel is not bad.
  • Ongaku Concept: [A now defunct] channel about music theory analysis of video game music.
  • Hear and Play: High end production channel focusing on learning to play by ear.
  • Michael New: Simple to more complex music theory lessons.

Modular Videos and Channels:

Artists I’ve Worked with/Colleagues/Peers: